Experts in industrial automation

  • Industry automation

  • Electrical engineering and wiring

  • Automation systems on PC and PLC level

  • Documentation and validation

ASIT was established by a group of professional engineers with a large number of references, extensive experience and significant results in the field of automation, especially with regard to logistic solutions.


  • To secure our reputation as a solid and reliable supplier of high-quality automated systems in the field of software, electrical projects and electrical equipment
  • To be actively involved in projects featuring complex automated logistic, transport and storage systems (high-rack warehouses), as well as in other areas in the industrial and energy sectors
  • To actively participate in international markets, especially in Western Europe
  • To liaise with major partners in order to cooperate in the most complex projects


  • To carry out the most demanding projects in the field of systems automation with highly skilled and motivated staff
  • To provide high-quality services and products
  • To guarantee customer satisfaction through solid, quality work and support
  • To develop and maintain trustworthy customer relationships
  • To achieve mutual success in complex projects in cooperation with our partners


  • Responsibility to our employees: to provide good conditions for personal development, to foster creativity, encourage ambition and professional training
  • Comprehensive and unhindered transfer of knowledge and information exchange between staff
  • Emphasis on teamwork
  • Fair remuneration for well-executed work